Migration / What just happened?
SEGABASTARD went down on 11/13 due to my now-former host dropping Windows-based hosting. I don't know much about that, or why my site couldn't have just been moved over to the Linux technology without purchasing a different plan. Regardless, it was time to switch and I probably should've a while ago.

Moving sucks, and switching hosts has been no different, but this one looks a lot better.

I got an email a week ago. I was linked on a forum called "NeoGaf" and hilarity ensued. It was spellbinding. 300+ posts of "clickbait he didn't own a Wii," referencing the Wii U Woes article. The article didn't insult Nintendo fans; it was critical of games media and Nintendo. It's good to know, though, that if I ever wanted to insult Nintendo fans, I could just link to NeoGaf and let them tell you loudly that they don't read (they're proud of that).

This quote here made me laugh:

I own over 100 wii games, I'd say over 70 of them are amazing to hidden gems, so fuck his article

"I own over 100 Wii games" = Pussy Destroyer

It also explains what happened to Christina Hendricks:

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